Roles and Functions

The major roles and functions of the Authority include:

  1. Advising the Minister responsible for Petroleum affairs on-
    1. promotion and bidding process for the award of Production Sharing Agreements or other contractual arrangement;
    2. negotiation of production sharing agreements and other contractual arrangements; and
    3. granting, renewing, suspending and cancelling of petroleum exploration license, development license and production permit;
  2. Advising the Government on proposed development plans, infrastructure development, tail end plan and decommissioning of installations submitted by a license holder;
  3. Conducting or cause to be conducted reconnaissance surveys and evaluating prospectivity of frontier areas;
  4. Monitoring, regulating and supervising the petroleum industry, including reserve estimation and measurement of produced petroleum;
  5. Analysing, disseminating and issuing information relating to petroleum industry, including proposed exploration activities contained in the annual work program, appraisal program and production forecasts submitted by a license holder;
  6. Regulating LNG for export
  7. Reviewing and approving budgets submitted by a license holder;
  8. Promoting local content including supporting national enterprises and Tanzanians to participate in the petroleum upstream industry;
  9. Receiving and processing application for granting, renewing, suspending and cancelling of petroleum exploration license, development license and production permit;
  10. Coordinating and cooperating with other Government institutions, including other regulatory authorities responsible for monitoring, evaluation and review of petroleum operations;
  11. Monitoring performance of petroleum projects and programs;
  12. Monitoring all phases of petroleum discovery, evaluation and delineation, commercial evaluation of discovery, reservoir performance and production to ensure optimal rates for the discovery, commercialization and recovery of petroleum resources using the best available technologies and field practices;
  13. Monitoring and evaluating performance in petroleum activities including investment, cost of services, regularity of outputs and availability of crude oil and natural gas for domestic supply;
  14. Ensuring compliance by industry players to the provisions of this Act and imposing sanctions for non-compliance or other violation of regulations, orders, rules or contract terms;
  15. Ascertaining the cost of oil and gas due to license holder and other contractors;
  16. Ensuring compliance on HSE regulations while conducting Petroleum Operations;
  17. Maintaining continued communication and dialogue with all stakeholders in the industry including the public to ensure optimal development of the sector;
  18. Facilitating resolution of complaints and disputes;
  19. Managing national exploration and production data base and working diligently towards declassifying data as it sees fit;
  20. Undertaking administration of production sharing agreement or other contractual arrangement;
  21. Making rules and guidelines on the conduct of petroleum operations and other related matters; and
  22. Performing any other function conferred to it by this Act.

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