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Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority

Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority

Resource Account and Analysis

The Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) has the overall national responsibility for data from the Sedimentary basins of Tanzania Mainland. This data, combined with our overviews and analyses, comprise the factual basis for the petroleum activities. The resource accounts are updated annually. One of our most important tasks is to maintain an overview of all of the petroleum resources in Tanzania. The objective is to ensure that the resources are managed in the best interests of the Tanzanian society.

Each end of year all operating companies submit data and forecasts for their fields, discoveries and transport systems. The companies report both the resources in place and the recoverable resources in the individual fields and discoveries, and indicate high and low estimates for these resources.

The recoverable petroleum resources are classified according to SPE system, which groups them by maturity or status in relation to decisions made in the production license. The companies also report forecasts for production, costs, and emissions and discharges to the environment.

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