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Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority


Board of Directors visits natural gas production and processing plants

By Ebeneza Mollel

PURA’s Board of Directors recently visited natural gas production and processing plants in Mtwara region for the aim of raising awareness of the activities being carried out by the Authority.

The Board began a visit on October 08, 2022 with a visit to and natural gas wells located in Mnazi Bay under the Maurel & Prom Exploration Production Tanzania Ltd.

The board also visited natural gas processing plants in Madimba operated by GASCO which is a subsidiary of the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) and the Mtwara urban Natural Gas Receiving Facility operated by Maurel & Prom.

The board members were accompanied by members of the Board Committees, PURA management and some experts from the Authority.

Speaking during the visit, PURA Board Chairman, Mr. Halfani R. Halfani said the visit has been beneficial especially for the newly appointed Board committee members who never visited the plants.