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Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority


PURA boasts its achievements through the Workers' Council

By Our Reporter

The Chairman of the Workers' Council of the Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA), Eng. Charles Sangweni, has commended the council for various achievements made by the Authority due to the performance of the council.

Eng. Sangweni made these remarks before formally disbanding the council in its seventh meeting, as it had reached the end of its term according to the agreement between PURA and the Government and Health Workers Union (TUGHE).

"We take pride in the significant work done by the council in promoting the institution's development, including increased employee involvement in decision-making and the execution of various PURA responsibilities," he stated.

He added that due to this involvement, employees have been motivated to work with enthusiasm, cooperation, and innovation, enabling the institution to continue fulfilling its duties in the petroleum upstream sector.

Eng. Sangweni noted that the Second Council will commence its term in January 2024 in its first meeting after the election of new members at the institutional level.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Federation of Tanzanian Workers' Unions (TUCTA), Heri Mkunda, commended the council for its work and especially applauded PURA's management for creating a conducive working environment for employees to improve their performance.

He also urged PURA employees to continue working diligently for the broader interests of the nation in the oil and gas sector.

"You have a significant responsibility to work diligently, with dedication and cooperation, to fulfill the goals and responsibilities entrusted to the institution according to the country's laws and guidelines," he added.